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    I have been reading Norbert Klups’ excellent book, ‘The Drilling’ and I noticed that several people on this forum use drillings and combination guns. Whilst the idea of having a shotgun and rifle available sound very useful, particularly for pest control (e.g. crow, pigeon, fox, rabbit etc), I was unsure of the practicality. I can see the advantage of having a shotgun, a centrefire rifle and a rimfire or small calibre rifle in an insert (Einstecklaufe) in one firearm, but I wondered how practical this is for stalking, as I am aware of several stalkers and estates who will not allow single shot rifles for deer.

    I also wondered how practical using the drilling loaded with two shotgun slugs and a single rifle cartridge is for driven boar? I have never used a drilling or shot boar, so I have no idea! I noticed that most modern drillings seems to be 20 bore (to keep weight down, I think) and presumably a 20 bore slug would be too small for boar? I think some countries insist on a minimum of 1oz slugs.

    A solution may be to have a large calibre insert, converting the drilling to a double rifle with a shotgun barrel, so would a modern drilling, such as a Blaser D99 or a Zoli Drilling stand the pressure of a 7x65r insert, for instance? I noticed there is a premium if you have the D99 Duo with two large calibre barrels, so I thought it may need some modifications.

    All this is obviously just theory but any thoughts would be welcome.

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    Will answer a few of your points as I do have a drilling! I have a Sauer 3000, which is a 7x65r, 16g 16g although in one of the 16g I have a short .22lr insert, can take it in and out without gunsmithing. It is never going to be as quick as loading bolt action rifle, but not far behind, as its only like reloading a shotgun eg break barrel, take out one and put in another. I recently shot 3 goats with 3 shots in less than 30 seconds but I knew the chance was on for a few so I had the ammuntion ready to load as I was in a lying position.

    Re the use for boar, when I went out last year lots of people were using 16g, same as mine, loaded with slugs so it is suitable in Germany but not sure on 20g.

    Take a look on and type in Einstecklaufe. They do appear to come in many different calibers etc but these are the long inserts that need fitting not the short ones that you do yourself.

    My day to day is a Sauer 202 BA rifle. The drilling is a bit of a treat I use every so often to spice things up and in particular for woodland stalking, as it is lighter, shorter barrels and mounts much quicker, which is handier in woodlands. It also means I can take a pointed woodcock with my Munsterlander if the opportunity arises whilst out stalking, and also start to thin the rabbits out when I have finished stalking and on the way back to the car.

    ​Couple of pics of my drilling!

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails P1090452.JPG   12 - Crop.jpg   1 - crop.jpg  

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    I’m a huge fan of drillings and would dearly love to have one, but they’re expensive things, and I can’t really work out when I’d use it, unless of course I decided to sell all the other shotguns and rifles, in which case I’d use it all the time. The latest Merkel K96 drillings come with steel-proofed shotgun barrels and 3” chambers, so you could even use them for wildfowling. Realistically, I can think of two main purposes for them. The first is if you’re primarily roaming around looking for woodcock and happen to come across a deer, which happens quite a bit. You could then “upgrade” to the deer, assuming that you have the shooting rights for it. I don’t actually have anywhere to shoot where I can shoot large and small game, so that’s useless. I don’t think you’d go out deerstalking and opportunistically take a pot at a rabbit though as you would ruin your chances of a successful stalk by doing so. That’s why I don’t shoot at squirrels when I’m out after small game. Lots of people just use them as a single-shot rifle. But that strikes me as bit of a waste.

    A lot of people in France buy them for driven shooting large game, but they’re not really suited to that, unless you have an “express-drilling” which is essentially a double-rifle with a shotgun barrel. So it’s primarily for driven big game, but you could always take a shot at a woodcock.

    If I had a spare five or six grand, and the Met would let me have another 7mm slot, I’d buy a Merkel K96 in 12 bore with 3” chambers, steel-proofed barrels and a 7x65R rifle barrel, swing-off mounts and something like a 2-7-42 scope on top. Then I’d find some excuse to use it! That said, you can pick them up for ~£2k quite easily second hand in France. I think my most likely excuse to buy one is to leave it at my brother-in-law’s place in France for when I go over there. I don’t see how I’m going to have a chance to shoot anywhere where I can go after large and small game over here.

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    If you are shooting slugs from a drilling then it has to be regulated to shoot slugs. My Combi shoots slugs about 6" lower than the bullet at 50 mtrs. Where i find the combi comes into its own is when hunting roe with my teckle. A dose of #1s for roe out to 25 mtrs and the rifle barrel for the longer shots.

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    I pretty much use my Ferlach built 16/7x65r as my every day gun. Why, I really like the functionality and safety. You can carry it Brocken like a shotgun, and quietly close it as required. It doesn't disturb the public like a rifle does ( most of by stalking has quite a few dog walkers etc). I use the shot barrel for close range foxes and other vermin, and I have once used the shot barrel on a close up finishing shot.

    As a travelling gun they have no equal. Been looking for a Red stag today. We might have a go at some ducks tomorrow.

    What is not to like - ok they are not stainless and moderated. But so what!

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    I acquired a 7x57 + 16g/16g Krieghoff drilling (c/w a 3-9x42 Kahles Helia scope in Ferlacher QD swing-off mounts) about a year ago. Once I got it out shooting I was pleased to discover that the rifled barrel shot very nicely to the open sights at 100m and that after zeroing the scope at this range slugs from the 16g tubes shot to the same point-of-aim at 50m with a 3" spread. I took it along on a few driven pheasant days too, and found it quick on target, easy to swing, and generally good at killing birds.

    The only tiny fly in the otherwise aromatic ointment is the gun's "party trick" -the express sight in the rib pops up when you select the rifle barrel... but it drops flat again when you switch back to the smooth bores, so you can't use the open sights to shoot slug more accurately, and couldn't benefit from them with an einstecklauf (or two) fitted.

    As for when to use it, Heym SR20 and Stalker 308 have pretty much summed it up. Personally, I really like to have a gun that lets me choose how to spend a day out on my gound. If I draw a blank after a couple of hours in the high seat but fancy standing on a flight line for some pigeons, or walking a hedgerow for a woodcock or pheasant in the season; or conversely, if I'm after birds and I get a chance at a fox or deer, then either way there's no need to change guns.

    It can be a good choice when lamping foxes too -provided they're not too wary -as the rifled barrel will take them out to around 150 yards while the shotgun barrels handle any that run all the way in to the squeak.

    The gun came with a leather case for the scope, similar to Stalker 308's but in brown, with a long strap that allows it to be slung over your shoulder, out of the way until needed, at which point the excellent QD mount lets you fit the scope very quickly and quietly.

    I have thought about adding an einstecklauf but feel the problems of sighting in a second rifled barrel to shoot to the same POA, and the loss of the capability for a right-and-left (or a forlorn hope!) with shot, outweigh the possible benefits, except perhaps if one wanted to turn the gun into a large-calibre double, as the OP suggests.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jagare View Post
    If you are shooting slugs from a drilling then it has to be regulated to shoot slugs. My Combi shoots slugs about 6" lower than the bullet at 50 mtrs. Where i find the combi comes into its own is when hunting roe with my teckle. A dose of #1s for roe out to 25 mtrs and the rifle barrel for the longer shots.
    Jagare - if you don't mind me asking, which make is your combi?

    Thanks for all the answers. Stalker 308's drilling sounds perfect. Are drillings normally regulated for slugs and rifle bullets to shoot to the same point of impact? I presume it would be a very expensive problem to rectify if they are not!

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    Just wondered how you would go about buying from egun or naturabuy, presumably this would be a minefield, unless you had a contact in Germany or France?

    Fascinating to read the replies to the post. Great to see how different people enjoy their sport.
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    Easy buying from egun! There is a fantastic thing called 'google translate' but you will find most Germans speak very good english. They are mostly all so honest, especially when selling over here as if they do not stick to what was said there will be expensive consequences of getting it back to them. You must ask all the right questions and also get them to do a shooting test to prove its accuracy and if you are interested in whether it is regulated also get them to test the slugs too.

    I have bought a drilling and an insert barrel sent over, both were gun shops using egun, and they just sent it to my rfd, all he had to do was email a copy of his rfd certificate. Insurance is a bit of a problem at the moment in Germany, as DHL will no longer insure firearms, but there are still a few companies still offering insurance but this is expensive. If I remember rightly it cost me £120 to get my drilling sent over insured.

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    Thank you. This site really is a wealth of knowledge!

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