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Thread: primos tripod trigger sticks

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    primos tripod trigger sticks

    Does anyone have a set they're looking to sell, or can anyone point me in the right direction for the cheapest place to source a new pair, either at home or abroad?



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    bushwear were doing them cheap, I had a pair and sold them within a couple of weeks, went straight back to the garden canes, have you tried them personally...?
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    Thanks for the response. I saw that bushwear were doing the biood, but it's the tripod I'm wanting. I've not tried them, and I'm aware of the mixed reports. I'm wanting them for lamping and I'm attracted by the thought of them adjusting to uneven surfaces without too mucj faffing around in the dark. Feel free to persuade me otherwise


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    Personally I would keep your money safely tucked away in your wallet. But to be fair, I can imagine them being better possibly for lamping than stalking. I had the tripod and for me, it was too heavy, to 'clunky' and actually quite noisy when extending and shortening the legs as they make the sound of two ally tubes rubbing against each other, even with as much oil as I could get on them, that didn't go away.
    I can't fault it for being a solid rest to shoot from, hence I say it might be better for lamping, but I like to use my sticks when stalking as a walking stick on muddy ground to help balance etc, and they just weren't up to it, either they were completely collapsed and so were too short for the purpose, or if full extended they then clattered against themselves, and didn't balance in the hand. I just couldn't work with them, I used them for a week and went back to my trusted garden bean poles and harmony was restored.
    You know how sometimes things are just over engineered, well, these were a case in point.
    I was amazed when bushwear advertised their sale recently, how vitriolic the fall out was on here with people with similar experiences to mine, so I don't think I was alone!
    Opinions are like arseholes....... we all have them, and most of them stink

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    hi novice
    I've got one that i want rid of for exactly the reasons deerstalker.308 has mentioned!
    if you want it pm me with an offer

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    There is an upgraded version either out or coming out... Don't waste your money on yet another thing you will blame your miss on.

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    Try Bushwear and ask for their best price fella.Had mine for nearly the whole of the bucks with absolutely nay probs at all.

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    I had a tripod set for all of 2 days and sent them back.. good idea in principle but in reality... heavy, unbalanced, noisy, not versatile...

    my biggest issue with them was that you either get the long ones and shoot everything standing or the short ones and shoot everything kneeling/sitting... that is just too restrictive.. the legs don't spread very wide at all..

    I had a set of Bog Pods which were much, much better, not available at the push of a button but they did everything well (they were still a bit noisy though!) unfortunately they 'ahem' mysteriously dissapeared after being left on the back seat of a stalkers truck a couple of years ago.. couldnt afford to replace them but would have them again.. Wouldn't touch the trigger sticks again!

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    I'm still after a tripod if anyone is looking to sell.


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