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Thread: What shotgun for a Left handed shooter

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    What shotgun for a Left handed shooter

    Well my sons FAC and SGC have arrived so off to pick up his L/H Annie .22lr in the next week or so.

    Next bit of expenditure will be a shot gun probably a 20 bore or 12, its going to be used for pigeon shooting and a bit of walked up rough game sport. Can anybody suggest a suitable and reasonably priced gun. I only have a AYA Yeoman SBS so completely at a loss in relation to OU's.

    Will probably end up in Avalon guns but it would be handy to have some idea what to look for. I suspect its going to be S/H to start with.


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    Hi Cyres-don't know your budget but Beretta do a range of left handed over and unders off the shelf.You will only need to buy once-you choose the model according to your pocket.regards Richard.

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    Hi Cyrus,
    Having a shotgun fitting by a professional using a try gun who does it many times daily is the best advice, and a super son's advanced Xmas present! As a left hander, Alan Rose at West London Shooting School fitted me for shotgun and much more recently stalking rifle - superb service. Once he has that written 'prescription' he can compare it within any guns you're are interested in. Then take the 'scrip' with chosen gun to a good stocker. Cheers, K

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    As the gentleman above, Krabryn, suggests, a lesson with a good coach is the first step. Bear in mind, left handed they may be, but that does not mean that their left eye is dominant. Much more to consider than just buying a gun.

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    Just a question but if you were left handed and right eye dominant, what would be the best thing to do ?

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    My son is left handed and right eye dominant, his eye dominance was the first thing we ascertained before getting him shooting. Easiest option was to get him shooting off the right shoulder, much easier than trying to get a crossover stock, as these are not only custom made (and thus very expensive) but I believe by their nature tend to cause problems with recoil.
    Little b***er just laughs at me trying in vain to hit a 55yd springing teal after he's busted it with his Lincoln 28 bore.
    As for true left handed guns, Beretta, Browning and Guerini are some which make left handers, and I also see some left hand Bettinsoils which may come in a bit cheaper.
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    Yes. Shoot off the shoulder which corresponds with the dominant eye. Few would go for the crossover stock, although lately I have seen some pretty ones. If a change of shoulder is not made, the way of coping in that circumstance is just to close an eye. I would suggest it doesn't make a lot of difference with a rifle when lots of people close an eye, but with a moving target binocular vision is better than monocular. I could drone on for hours. Get a coach.

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    +1 on learning to shoot from the right shoulder if right is the dominant eye.
    It still doesn't "feel" right to me, but I do hit more.
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    Ideally it's best to shoot off the shoulder that you are eye dominant for obvious reasons
    but there are things that can be done to compensate if this is not possible
    you can close the dominant eye or put a patch or spot on a pair of glasses to stop
    it taking over .

    we must be carefull when dealing with young boys as there eye dominance can swap
    back over as they grow into there later teens .
    so spending on an expensive gun or left handed gun is probably left to a bit later in there
    teenage years
    A very good friend of mine who is left handed shot for England for many years with a
    right handed gun

    cyres how old is your son ?
    if you need any help let me know I can take you both to a local ground with some try guns
    of mine put your lad on a pattern plate then on to some clays
    better to spend an hour or so with gun fit before you spend money that could be a waste
    of time
    ​regards pete

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    shoot the eye not the hand

    problem with some people (i.e. me!!) is their eye dominance can change
    I went from full right eye dominant to full left eye dominant some time ago, buggered up my shotgun shooting something hellish until I figured it out!

    ​at the moment I would say I am not clearly dominant in either eye but its getting there!

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