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Thread: Leupold PRW Fix

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    Leupold PRW Fix

    Guys I have just broken the retaining screw in my Leupold PRW scope base. . . .If you look at the photo you will see what I mean . . .I don't much fancy 70 quid for a new set due to one broken screw, however it is stuck solid and I am unable to remove it.

    Do any of you have a fix for this or indeed a spare one lying around which I could buy off you ? ??

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    heat it up first then get dremil cut slot in brocken bit remove with screw driver or drill out senter put in reverse thread screw and back out or cover brocken bit with nut weld inside nut this will weld bot nut and brocken stud together then back out with spaner hope it helps

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    Thanks I shall attempt your first suggestion ... Very frustrating!!!
    Screws far to bloody flimsy... And loctite far to sticky.
    As you can see it's everyones fault but mine ...

    Just prepping the rifle to be posted to Jager tomorrow to have some work done
    as well, i'm not a happy bunny!!!

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    I did exactly this to my Leupold rings. I ended up buying the new set, so consequently have a spare. Mine are PRW weaver mounts for 30mm scope. If that's what you're looking for then I'm happy to sell my spare for say 35 posted.

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    Email Leupold with your problem.
    I recently bought a new set of PRWs, and unthinkingly over tightened the lower claws and bent them a little. I emailed Leupold confessing my over enthusiasm, and asking to buy replacement claws. A short while later I was emailed back saying that entire lower assemblies were en route completely free of charge.
    Previously I had bought a second hand pair of QRWs that on receipt had slightly chewed cradle bolt heads and rusted spring inners for the lower claws. Again I emailed Leupold asking to buy replacements, but parts were sent gratis again.
    Big thumbs up for Leupold!
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    Ahhhhr . . I don't believe it, I took delivery of a new set this morning.

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