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    X Factor

    Sorry, I know this has nothing to do with stalking but is anyone else watching the X Factor!! A bunch of idiots are murdering Queen songs!! Does anyone know where they film this, I feel the need to do some culling!! JC

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    tell me about it,im sat in the dining room and still cant get away from it.

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    I have to agree spoiled good songs what a load of uter sh*** pointless tv shows its all set up total sh***

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    I've got my ear defenders on! Seriously! I have just seen as well that previously one of them murdered 'Son of a preacher man', one of my all time favourite songs! Thank God I missed that one. If they do a Dire Straits night then people are going to get hurt - anyone got an off ticket firearm! JC

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    what a bunch of moaning old crocs you lot are
    young kids having fun trying to make a better life for themselves and families

    this one's for you JC

    as you missed out

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    Thanks for that Stone, I owe you one!

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    Never mind the wannabee's here is old herself


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    Quote Originally Posted by tika.308
    tell me about it,im sat in the dining room and still cant get away from it.
    And i bet your neck is craning to get a look at Mrs Cole.
    I honestly can`t believe people still watch this garbage.
    The only winner is Simon Cowell, he`ll guide the singer till he`s had enough or isn`t earning him enough then he`ll dump them.
    If x factor isn`t enough, "I`m a z list celebrity, get me out of here" is around the corner.

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    This really is the last thing I expected to see on here... I feel a little bit sick inside!

    I thought that this might be my one last sanctuary from the dreaded show!

    Shame on you all!


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