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Thread: Hello from Florida

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    Hello from Florida

    New to the site, thanks and good luck to all..... I enjoy all types of hunting from waterfowl & turkeys to whitetail & Sambar deer..... I will travel the US to different locations for a specific hunts and enjoy it greatly. I found this site while researching data on a rifle I just purchased. My hope is to enjoy the stories of our hunts and maybe get a few of you to enlighten me about my rifle....I have a few close mates here in Pensacola that hail from across the pond... me best mates are Geordies & have done well to teach me the ways of their homeland.... ya know, God save the Queen and watch out for the SMB's... I do actually stalk hunt from time to time, but a large bit of the big game hunting we do here is still hunting from treestands or elevated positions... looking forward to being a part of this website.... thanks

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    welcome to the forum


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    Welcome to the site and enjoy your stay.
    Look forward to your 'reports'!

    Cheers, L

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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