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Thread: First day at partridge in the am

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    First day at partridge in the am

    As per the title time to start the shoot season on our family shoot in the am .we are later than normal as we were all beans so a very late harvest and they've not drilled the late winter wheat yet either .
    only partridge and various as the pheasants need a couple more weeks ,boy have they been a pain this week and I will be glad to see some shot ,tomorrow will spread them around .
    anyone else getting under way ?

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    Hope you have a good day fella,start mine on Monday pheasants are you said could do with some shot,mild weather is not helping scattered to every corner af the estate.

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    Great to hear someone starting on the pheasants a bit later. Most shoots I know they start on the 1st and the birds do not have there tail feathers .Have a good day, I love the partridge best of all both to shoot and eat.We should start later and finish later on the pheasants thats only my opinion.

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    Good luck with the day Norma.

    We never shot at the pheasants while November every year and they certainly do look better with a few more weeks on their backs.

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    Good luck with the day, I had my first ever day on the partridges in Essex 3 weeks ago and loved it. The syndicate I shoot on have already decided to take a day somewhere next year.


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    First day on the pheasies tomorrow. Birds looking well in size and plumage. Been pi**ing down this evening and promising rain for tomorrow so don't expect them to fly well.

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    Have a good day Norma, i have to wait until december until i can get out. A nice private shoot in auburn, pheasant and partridge and then a day in loughborough and shall see about getting a day in january too.

    Looking forward to the first shoot (my first ever) and it should be a good day as they usually shoot it alot later in the season but this year have brought it forward so should be more birds and in better nick too.

    best of luck with tomorrow norma!


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    250 odd today of partridge and good pheasies. latest count of pinkies is just over 84k and with the moon as it is they are almost all on the stubbles at the moment. Numbers will rise into december when it looks like they may hit the magical 100k this year.
    I'll try and video them over the weekend
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    Cheers guys ,I Am just having a reshuffle as I have rain at the moment and several beaters can't make it at very short notice arhhhhh.

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    Hope it all goes well for you.
    It just wouldn't be the same if one or two didn't let you down every week.
    Drives me mad.

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