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Thread: first stag -with solwaystalker

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    first stag -with solwaystalker

    having booked with colin a few months ago and reading reports of the rut underway i headed up a full day on the stags.after a comfortable night in the mabie hotel ,i met up with colin at 6am and set off to the estate.after checking my equipment we set off onto the estate,the ground is breathtaking by the we moved along a forest track with high ground covered in clearfell colin spotted a stag ,we had passed him without seeing him so we retraced our path and scanned the clearfell,we then spotted 3 hinds at this point moving left to right colin told me the stag would follow them and get on my now i was shaking like a sh*tting dog and as the stag came into veiw fumbled the sticks colin roared at the moving stag which stopped for a second for a look just as i centred the crosshairs it moved away,chance gone!!Anyway we continued to move along the track through a forestry block and onto another area of clearfell ,moving along the track with clearfell to the left and forestry to the right ,we spotted another hind and calf,we watched them for a while and then moved up the track after noting there was no stag near them.After about 200m 3 hinds ran across in front of us onto the clearfell below us ,just as colin told me to get ready a stag followed as they where below us,with my ar*e twitching like a puppys nose,i dropped onto the bipod ,i lot quicker than i got onto the sticks by the way,colin called the stag and told me to wait until he turned broadside,colin roared at him and he turned,about 140m away,i put the shot from my 30-06 through the engine room .He just trotted after the hinds about 15 paces later dropping,then a couple of kicks then he lay still.I unloaded my rifle and we walked down the clearfell towards him, when we where about 20m away from him ,i went to reload -no magazine -it must have dropped when i unloaded the gun.after a quick retrace i picked my magazine up luckily sat up on a clump of moss!!! Colin checked the stag over,shot placement was fine,he was in good condition with 8 points ,not massive in the antler dept but my first stag.After gralloch we dragged him back to the track between us,colin brought the vehicle up and it was back the larder .
    We stalked upto several groups /single hinds in the afternoon ,but never got into another stag.A cracking day that i will remember a long time .Many thanks to colin for all his help and advice
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    Nice job hopefully first of many

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    believe you had a nice one also?

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    Good lad Colin, knew he would look after you big fella!

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    Nice account of your day & Well done on your first stag. With all this time on the stags Col I hope your still feeding them piggies

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    Nice write-up Derek , nice to see you again
    Gaz ive got auto feeders set up now , Kezer had a 50kg boar during the week

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    HI Derek snr
    Nice to see you had a good time' whilst up on the estate.
    and managed to bag a staggy, just being out with Colin must of been a great experiance he certanly knows his stuff.

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    well done. did you mention boar colin? got a pal wanting to shoot one as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ajfab View Post
    well done. did you mention boar colin? got a pal wanting to shoot one as well.
    ​Adrian , im just back from holiday , let me know when u want to try for boar

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    when do you have one tied to a tree?

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