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Thread: Stalking in thunderstorms

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    Stalking in thunderstorms

    Who else will be out stalking in the rain and thunderstorms tomorrow?

    Due to family and work commitments it looks like I have no choice but to brave the weather. It has worked to my advantage before so lets hope I can find the Roe tomorrow.

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    Usually been sucessful after a good storm was last Sunday between storms tomorrow we start the game shooting season .
    good hunting

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    The estate I work on starts on monday and from then until Feburary there is no guarantee I will have time to get away stalking! (I'll get away somehow) There are no game birds on the permission I'm headed to though so no keeper to upset!

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    I remember once sitting out in a thunderstorm up a lone oak tree on a hill in a metal highseat holding a metal rifle feeling somewhat like a lightning conductor! Be sensible! Stay low, avoid trees!
    I've also seen fishermen out on the flat reservoir in a storm, waving a 10 foot carbon fibre electric conductor about Mental! It will sting a lot and probably leave a mark.

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    I feel cheated. I went with waterproofs and several changes of clothes and there were only a few showers! Hoped to complete the cull of 4 roe bucks. Got 1 but it was better than nothing! Nice to be out today with the sun coming through the dark clouds.

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    I got a good soaking, all the birds were going mental 30min before as it approached. Didn't see a deer.

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