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Thread: labrador pup

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    labrador pup

    anybody know of anyone with a litter in the pipeline

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    To be honest not many working lab boys want pups during the shooting season as they usually want the bitches to be working .there may be the odd litter good luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by bogwelly View Post
    anybody know of anyone with a litter in the pipeline
    Iam breeding my bitch this coming weekend this is here second litter,the first were stunning and I kept one for my self,small light and fast and very easy to train,Iam using the same stud dog both the bitch and the dog are low hips and KC registered,your welocome to come and see my bitch and her off spring which is now 2.5 years old
    if all goes well they should be born 26th dec then ready 8 weeks from there

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    Thanks I'll bear it in mind but I was looking for a pup a bit earlier than that

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