After only receiving a voice mail message from Merseyside police to clear up some things that was two weeks old i finally got it this week. I duly rang them to clear these few minor questions up with a very helpful lady from the firearms office, and was told if i didn't hear back from her with in ten minutes i would have my SGC on thursday - she was true to her word. The first thing i looked for in the mail, everything just got moved right out of the way in anticipation of it being there, it was.

I also can not fault Merseyside at all, they have been fantastic, 2 months it has taken and would of been 6 weeks if it wasn't for my error. Quick?

So as of today, i am now insured through nobs, i bought myself a brattonsound 4/5 gun cabinet from my local gunsmiths who i will more than likely do all my business through.

Going to install it sometime this week then ring the FLO to get FLO out to check it and have a general chat with him as he is a very nice chap indeed (mr Parker) .

Then to get some saved up and fill the cabinet up!!!

Already have two days booked in december and I CAN NOT WAIT!!!