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Thread: nd 3x50 sub zero by laser genetics

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    nd 3x50 sub zero by laser genetics

    has any sd member got one of these and whats their thoughts on it atb the highlander

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    There is nothing wrong with these in principle or in practice. It does seem to be a marmite lamp - lots of love, lots of hate and little in between. Light for lamping is a very personal thing from my experience. I found the beam too intense when focussed right in - and not that good when focussed right out. There is a wide range of adjustment, so this is not necessarily an issue, but at longer distances where you need the punch, I found the light too intense. It was usable and I shot with it to good effect, but not to my taste. Oh and not a lot of good as a general lamping tool as the field of view is too small at range (but fine through a scope).

    I no longer have mine - I purchased an Xsearcher and a NM800, with the different coloured LED's for the same money and have a selection of lamping options more suited to my eyes for the same money. Just my personal view.
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