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Thread: Venison Cook Book

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    Venison Cook Book

    Recommendations please for a good quality Venison or Venison / Game cook book ..

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    It looks just the job, if the picture on the cover is anything to go by!!! many thanks.

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    Try The Game Conservancy Trust Game and Fish Cookbook. Reprinted a few years ago with a big orange/red cover. If you can get an original by Julia Drysdale (The Game Cookery Book) then even better! It is brilliant for game. In fact you can get originals from amazon very cheap.

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    Clarissa Dickson Wright/Johnny Scott book is on my shelf, very informative, humorous with excellent game recipes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by private fraser View Post
    +1 for this

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    The Nicola Fletcher books looks good, I will have to get one. I have used this one, more of an American perspective. It might be little old fashioned, but has some of those older more vernacular recipes.

    The Complete Venison Cookbook: H. Webster, Harold W. Webster: 9780937552704: Books

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