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Thread: Cheap binoculars

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    Cheap binoculars

    Evening lads

    any ideas on semi decent binos for around 100 student budget and all! I could push to 200. Ideally I'd like new as I need to save up for them

    ​ATB Tarkan

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    Minox seem to really perform well on the price/performance graph - you get a lot of bang for your buck. Given that I'd certainly take a look at them. I don't know if you will get a pair for 100 but 200 should be more than enough. I believe Minox advertise on this forum so click on their advert and get in touch and see if someone can help you out.
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    Look here :

    Nikon are Japanese made, Vanguard and Viking are Chinese made, the budget Minox are made under license in Asia.

    Best, S.

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    Get yourself a pair of bushnell hd 10x42. If you look properly you will get a pair under 200 mate

    ​they are excellent against any 800 pair

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    I got myself a pair of hawke nature trek (im sure they are...) 10x50 at the gamefair, no complaints so far!

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    I bought a pair of Barr and Stroud 10x42's, and for about 80 are excellent...nothing like the "big boys" mind you..., but with a ten year guarantee,waterproof and fogproof, they aint too bad at all..only one thing tho, my next pair will be 8x42, as I found a wee bit of "shake" at long distance ....but, still great for the money.. I realise they are probs chinese, but still great value IMHO...

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    Just bought a pair of Minox 10x42 for 130 at sportsman gun centre, bargin,

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    Using a pair of 8x42 Minox bought new off fleabay for 125, good enough for me, although I am sure that the more expensive kit would edge it over these at first/last light. Happily my (hill) stalking doesn't involve much of this at all.


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