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Thread: Saturday with Malc & Sandra at Horsham

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    Saturday with Malc & Sandra at Horsham

    After spending half an hour writing up the fab time i had with Malc and Sandra the bloody lot was lost when i hit the preview button

    So here goes again

    Setting off to meet Malc, Sandra his partner, and Todd his Bavarian in Horsham friday evening, i had just made the M27 when the fone rang with Malc explaining due to the torrential weather and the fact he was stationary on the A2 his expected time of arrival may be a little later than once anticipated...

    Not quite in those words

    Anyway all having made it safely and late to the lodge the wine was soon flowing and dinner on the go..

    With Ken off the site arriving at six in the morning we shared a good few laughs and with all eye lids narrowing we hit the sack..

    Ken was bang on time and we were off..

    Malc placed Ken in a high seat and along with Sandra and Todd we set off stalking through some very wet yet amazingly beautifull and diverse woodland..

    The rain ranged from vertical to horizontal and at times seemed to be rising from the ground.. The thunder and hailstones all ading to the flavour with coat collars acting as funnels and pockets as ponds ..

    Both Ken and myself had a Roe doe in the morning and i shall never forget whilst doing the gralloch looking up amidst the hailstones,gail force winds and thunder to see Malc and Sandra laughing hysterically as Todds face said it all

    Kens Doe

    All off back to the lodge which was now looking like a chinese laundry the full monty was on the go ( i do mean breakfast ).. and the next couple of hours laughing hysterically as clothes were swapped on radiators and the rain seemed endless..

    Pulling on the wellies we set off at three for our afternoon stalk with Malc taking us round various fields to see if any deer were as daft as us

    Again ken was set up and Malc then took us into some quite dense woodland..

    Ten minutes in and some movement caught my eye as six fallow does moved into a small clearing.. Setting up the sticks a barren doe was trailing at the back and was identified as the one to take..

    No reaction to the shot it ran into some dense cover .. Moving forward a good blood trail was found with Todd on its throat within seconds less than 15 meters away..

    Gralloched and in the larder we set off back to the lodge where looking to sign off my last deer for my level 2 Malc gave me some bloody tough and good questions keeping me on my toes for the next hour..

    Handshakes all round the portfolio was put away as we headed off for dinner..

    Many thanks to Malc for what was an absolutely fantastic weekend.. For all his help in Scotland and for signing off my level 2..

    Also many thanks to Sandra who had me in stitches throughout and followed us two daft buggers laughing all the way..


    Note to self.....

    Remain stationary when setting sat nav..

    Cheers Malc

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    Yep, some of the worst rain i`ve seen for years.
    At least a couple of deer made up for the weather.

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    Nice write up terry and well done on the deer
    You dont have to drive down ditches chasing them deer you know, Todd is more than capable of finding them for ya
    Gotta ask did you sleep in the upstairs bedroom, If so was my white pointed hat still hanging from the ceiling

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    i knew you would have to mention the kkk hat fest,terry could you make your photos just a bit bigger next time mate bloody hell they made me jump when i saw them.they sure do grow big down there

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    Yes Fes your hat is still there, and Terry did sleep downstairs.

    And yes there are a few left for you, Andy and Wada's when you get your sorry arses down her next month. In fact we might have some new areas for you to play on. Fingers crossed

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    O yes im getting a semi on already malc A new area for fester to play in............... 8)
    Andy, looks like im gonna be piling them up again mate. Ill say sorry now then shall i mate And yes im taking more than 1 bullet with me
    Cant wait to get down there again malc, Hope your ribs can take all the pain from the laughing your gonna be doing

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    malc,dont tell fest to much then he will have to come down with us to find out for himself

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    Well done terry and good write up. I will be expecting a phone call and a load of questions shortly then. Keep me posted with your DSC 2. Looks like you had a good time yet again.

    I had to put the photos onto my 42" telly to see them properly

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    Terry, nice to meet on Saturday.
    The funny bit for me after having shot the doe I walked around for about half an hour looking for it, went back to the highseat retraced my steps, nowhere to be found. Malc turned up with Toddy, didn't even let him off the lead and practically fell over the doe in about 30 seconds: must have been all those hail stones hitting me on the head. Despite the weather a cracking day again Malc.


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