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Thread: 2014 likely GSP litter with Swift house tufty or miroku anton

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    2014 likely GSP litter with Swift house tufty or miroku anton

    As above looking for details of any GSP litters from descendant dogs from the swift house tufty or miroku anton lineage?

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    Suggest you track down a lady called Madge Simmons.
    She runs or ran the Swift House kennel, she was fairly heavily involved in working tests and trials, certainly up until a few years ago.

    You may get some contact details from Kennel club, or alternatively from GSP club of GB.
    Good Luck.

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    Probably not of any interest to you given the specific lines you are looking for, but I will be having a litter of gsp pups out of my Croatian/ CroatianxItalian lines (Herak x Pradellensis)
    Hard and wide-running dogs with great style and nose and very good temperament.

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    Tis amazin that someone asks for help, and given that they have been online as recently as today!, couldn't be arsed to even acknowledge a reply, much less even offer any thanks for the effort of replying.

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    Madge & Cliff Simons are still active. Madge will trial now and again, Cliff tends to stick to judging and making ground and birds available for Field Trials. You can probably contact them through Jennifer Hurley who is close associated with them and can field any enquiries you have through to Madge. JH can be found on facebook.

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    Thank you for the replies much appreciated unlike the uncalled for attitude.
    I'm quite often online for work and will nip on to reply to a pm without checking through all the post or the post I'm in; not sure why you have taken this as a slight. Again cheers for the information.

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    I dont think Swifthouse have any litters planned as they have just recently had a litter.
    Madcap and Sigourney both have Tufty in their lineage albeit some considerable way back.

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