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Thread: Weekend in West Sussex with lads off the site

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    Weekend in West Sussex with lads off the site

    Hi Terry,

    I thought I would reply to your post using another heading as yours does seem to have gone pear shaped. Bit like your driving sorry mate couldnt resist.

    Glad you had a good time, and although the weather was horrendous- overall with you, Oberon and Borderman we had 4 deer on the floor in 3 outings, which was a result. Plus I am very happy to sign off your last deer for level two. In some of the worst weather conditions, of high winds, driving rain, thunder, lightning and hail the size of small marbles we managed to take two Roe doe's one each for you Oberon (Ken) on Saturday morning. Sandra was a trooper in such unbelievable weather conditions.

    Todd did his stuff this morning as well actually knocked a Roe Doe over and grabbed it and held it down briefly I have never ever had a stalking dog like it in all my life, I am chuffed to bits with him. He thinks like a stalker and takes no prisoners.

    But the ultimate was your putting the truck in the ditch

    You may like to know that both Sandra and myself went over to look over the new area we may have. we saw 25 Fallow about 80 yds off the edge of the boundry and it looks like I may have another two areas around it on offer as it is over run with Fallow. I should know by the end of this week, so fingers crossed.

    Cheers Terry, you are a good stalker and you are welcome back anytime you like mate, no worries.

    Talk soon


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    Hi Malc..

    cheers for that mate ... any weekend youve got a spare place fella count me in please

    Sandra was an absolute star coming out with us in that weather and had me in regular fits..

    Keeping me fingers crossed for you both on the new piece



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    Sounds like you had a great time Terry, but that goes with the territory when you go with Malcom. And, you managed to get your last stalk done too, that`s brilliant.

    It`s just a pity that the track disappeared and a ditch replaced it. But all was well in the end mate.

    I have just about completed another high seat to take down with us next month for Malcom and looking forward to it with Andy and Fest.



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    Ayup Wadas

    wish i could have been there with you all and would have slept in the truck, in the ditch so as not to miss the laugh

    Im up with IanF that weekend mate but im sure well meet up again at one of Malcs pieces



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