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Thread: I wish i had the room.

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    I wish i had the room.

    Two lovely dogs needing a wee hand up in life... Go on?
    Finding a Chesapeake

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    Got three cats

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    i wonder who bred them? i could only take the bitch

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    Read between the lines...behavioural issues, kept in a room and not used to being walked which means they're used to living in their own mess. Stopping them from shitting and pissing indoors will not be an easy fix.

    A chesapeake is not a lab; they are very strong willed, smart and these two have significant issues. I once took in a rescue chessie bitch with a similar history. She did eventually turn into an excellent wildfowling dog but she still has her issues. She is very distructive and can't be trusted alone. She literally ripped a huge hole in a tuffie bed in 10 mins and must be left in a cage to sleep or rest. She is also hyper protective and has an aggressive streak if she perceives a threat to her, the other dogs or any members of the family.

    Chesapeakes will really only bond with only one person. My chessies will tolerate the wife but will flatly ignore her if i'm around. However both these dogs will have trust issues so there's no way they could be trusted around kids - your kids, visitors, the neighbour, any kid.

    Personally i'd avoid unless you have experience in training intelligent strong willed dogs, dont have young kids around, work at home and can dedicate a substantial amount of time each day. Oh, and dont mind occassionally stepping in and smelling piss and *****.

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    i rang up about the bitch,she has gone the dog is still there but has to be homed local!!

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    Sorry Tim. She looked OK to me but a challenge no doubt. I'd rather give a CBR a helping hand than a fighting breed any day.

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    true alex i need a bitch to train up to take bailey place

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    Hard act to follow Tim... I have the best pup from Fudges litter from late July and he is everything a dog should be. Fudges son "Bruin" is in Crufts 2014 and quite a few breeders are after him for stud... A credit to you!

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