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    Getting started

    What is the best brand of reloading equipment?
    I only want to buy once and would like to know what all the experts recommend.

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    I have used RCBS for over 40 years and had no trouble with it other than a new electronic dispenser which packed up and could not be repaired.
    I did get a refund though !
    Plenty of gear available S/H with an ad. on here or watch E.Bay.


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    Its all pretty much the same, it is down to personal preference, I started we a Lee anniversary kit which is excellent. If your really into it Sinclair is v popular.

    I use Redding match bullet seating die for my .223.

    Suggest you find a local shooter who reloads, see what they use and why.

    A day out to Reloading solutions or Norman Clarkes would give you an idea of what is available.

    Other things you will need is bullet puller, digital vernier calipers, COL guage bullet comparator. Sporstman gun centre hold good stocks of most brands.

    Reloading can be addictive, but remember the most basic stuff will produce rounds more accurate than you can shoot.


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    Everyone i know has a little bit of everything - unless you're a real purist and stuck with one make.

    I started with a Lee progressive press and first set of dies, but now i have an RCBS Rockchucker mounted alongside. As my rifles increased, i also now own Lee, RCBS, Hornady and Forster.

    Personally i'd get a hold of a Lee reloading manual and read it thoroughly before contacting Reloading Solutions to discuss your needs.

    One thing - don't go down the Lee dipper method of measuring your powder. get yourself a set of scales and a powder dispenser. The dipper system just lacks accuracy.

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    Well this is what I use
    Lyman Crusher 2 press. Optics warehouse are selling these for 100
    Lee Deluxe dies

    From Reloading solutions
    Wilson case trimmer and holder
    Redding powder funnel
    Lyman scales and digital scales off the bay
    Redding imperial sizing wax
    MTM loading tray
    K&M primer pocket uniformer
    Wilson deburring chamfer tool

    From Tim Hannam
    Bullet head Comparator and insert
    Forster bullet puller and collet

    From Maplins
    Ultrasonic cleaner

    Already had a set of verniers

    Its a bit pick and mix, Lee dies are ok, you can pay double what they cost for more expensive dies and your ammo will still group the same.
    The case prep tools above are good quality, buy once...
    I also bought a Lee manual, but it is an advert for Lee products as much as anything.

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    thanks guys, i am going to get back into this agin

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    What rifle and caliber will you be reloading for?? It can affect the choice of equipment.~Muir

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    308 reloading?

    308 reloading equipment? sikadog has shown me whats involved -thanks again!!
    any particular equipment to stay clear of for this round?
    cheers james

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muir
    What rifle and caliber will you be reloading for?? It can affect the choice of equipment.~Muir
    Sorry I missed this,

    .300 win mag
    & maybee .303

    But will be starting with the .243 as I have yet to import/ collect the other rifles from NZ

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