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Thread: TR140 load data

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    TR140 load data

    Bit of a long shot ( excuse the pun)
    I have some TR 140 to try in my 6BR but there is very little load info on it

    So does anybody have any experience of using TR 140 in the 6BR.
    If so - I would like some load data - various weight bullets - especially the heavies.

    Thank you
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    Products - Lapua

    Should be a good starting point, TR140 is very very close to N140, for my .308 it takes about .5 to 1gr extra to get the same results.
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    Drop the importer an email, his address is on the tub. If he doesn't have the information immediately to hand he is very good at contacting the factory and getting back to you as soon as he can.
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    ALAN treat it as n140 start low work up-my mate Gary uses it in his 6br and is getting good results-he shot the 1000yd br at diggle a few months back and beat all comers he uses federal primers.

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    Thanks Lads.
    Will start testing and LD later.

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