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Thread: views on the remington 700 vtr in .223

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    views on the remington 700 vtr in .223

    does anyone have any experience with this rifle? also because of the built in muzzle break will the only way of suppressing the rifle to be to cut the barrel down and have it threaded?
    thanks in advance

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    Cor you know how to start a fight pbear.

    Stand by for the bun fight. Opinions on Remington rifles vary from those that absolutely hate them to those who swear by them.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Have the Smith take off the Muzzle Break section and thread the Barrel as normal. He can then thread the Break and index it so you can screw it back on should you choose to do so. I have seen one of the Toblerone Barrels done this way by a smith not a million miles from you.

    As for Remington Rifles, some love them and some are not so keen. Any Remington i have ever had has shot very well.


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    In all honesty the best option is to buy a rifle with a normal shaped un braked barrel. After all a brake is not needed on a .223 in the first place. Recoil is mild to minimal. Of course I don't know if Remington make normal shaped barrels now in the heavy or bull format as I have no interest in them.

    However although of course it can be done as suggested it's going to cost and I doubt it will be cheap. One might possibly be able to buy an older model and have a new barrel to you own liking fitted fr about the same money......................... just a thought and there are probably quite a few of the older VSS and PSS Remingtons out there.. which have the normal round profile.

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    I have a sps varmit with an after market stock shoots through same hole there cheaper than vtv put rest of cash towards a stock cos that's what lets remi s down

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    I would advise a stainless sps and a good after market stock. I like the hs. stocks

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    2p worth
    if i had to go rem again it would be a LTR with a bell and c stock, mag con job but for all cost why not just go howa !! rem copy lots of choices of build. Or chop it off and screw cut as norm just do away with the rear bushing if going down the t8 or better the hg4 over barrel type mod and get a pepper box muzzle over sized brake and have it milled to shape if you wish an odd shape barrel your choice but why follow the sheep !!
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    thanks for the advice, I think cost will most likely be the winning factor on the matter so I will weigh up both options

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    The Remington 700 is an excellent rifle, however if i was buying one today it would not be a new one!
    They are just not made that well anymore and exude cheapness
    I would be seeking out a used model at least 30yrs old and would have it rebarreled in my desired calibre


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    BH Makes a good point. If you want a rem the PSS and VS were good Rifles. The H-S Precision Stocks they came in helped enormously. Alas if i were looking for a reasonably priced, heavy Barrelled .223 it would probably be a T3 Varmint. I say alas as i have a soft spot for Remingtons of old.


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