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Thread: help with seasing

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    help with seasing

    I got 2 bags of seasoning from bushwair one royal venison the other game and red wine in 0.227 kg.
    Its moguntia uk that makes it but does not give the weight as to the put per pound of meat.
    can anyone help out.

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    Its a matter of taste, and how well you like your sausage seasoned. I would imagine that a reasonable batch, using a full bag of seasoning would be around 10lbs venison minced 1 - 2 lbs of very fatty pork minced, 1lb rusk. Mix well and pass through the mincer. the more times through the mincer the smoother the texture. Be sure to add enough water to give a reasonable smooth paste to run through the sausage press.

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    each bag does a 10kg batch , i wouldnt use pork fat as its too soft try and get beef fat but not kidney knob as for rusks use about 2lb mix it all then when putting it back through the mincer add small drops of water so it goes through the worm easily , the name of the game is to get the burgers or sausage as firm as possible , also go onto ebay and type in tongmaster seaonings you will be suprised with the amount there they are also cheap and free postage this is who we deal with cheers bigscott270

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