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Thread: rcbs trickler system combo!!

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    rcbs trickler system combo!!

    brand new in box 45 posted

    Powder Trickler System Combo. The RCBS Powder Trickler System Combo speeds up the process of weighin your powder charges. The Powder Trickler system attaches to any Uniflow or standard Quick Change powder measure. Used in conjunction with the Advanced Powder Measure Stand, the Powder Trickler System allows you to dispense and trickle a powder charge directly onto a scale pan without having to remove the scale pan for the initial filing. The unit can be adjusted for right or left handed use and the dispensing chute adjusts to allow you to drop the powder charge directly onto the scale pan. With a few turns of the Trickler handle, your weighed charge is complete. The Powder Trickler System is available as a combo only.
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