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Thread: Hi from cheshire!

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    Hi from cheshire!

    HI just found this site tonight! well im 26 and have been hunting since i was bout 4 wen my dad used to take me out with his 22lr for controlin pests on the farm. For my 10th birthday he bought me my very own weihrach hw35 .22 air rifle which is where my love really begun! I still own that gun, but no longer shoot it as i have various shotguns, a Cz 22lr wid 3-12x44 swat scope and parkerhale moderator, which does all my pest control work!

    Then 2 yrs ago i decided to go to New zealand travelling. So my curiosity got the better of me for hunting oppertunities, which was mind blowing! But after chatting to my firearms officer about a deer rifle on my ticket, with the hassles of storage etc when i got there i ended up buyig a crossbow! So a whole new skill was practised on a weekly basis up until i went, I purchased a Ten point Qx4 which is an awesome bit of kit and i very accurate upto 60 yrds!

    So i spent the first 6 months hunting with my crossbow with not alot of success, a few pigieons, 1 fallow hind, loads of possums and wallabys!

    Now meeting alot of fellow hunters while out in the wilderness i soon realised that bow hunting was a very small sport to say the least(didnt meet anyone else) every one was using rifles!
    So i bit the bullet and went to the local police station and got a firearm liscense! this entitled me to any calibre i wanted!!!! Because id made alot of hunting contacts i had discussed and fired alot of different calibres and my choice was the very trusted 308! So i purchased a ruger 77m11 stainless synthetic with 3-9x40 scope off a friend, this was used successfully on wild pigs, red deer, fallow deer, wallabys, hares(over kill i know). After a couple of months then traded it in for a weatherby mk VI with suppressor and Leupold 4.5-14x50 and harris bi-pod! now this gun i loved and shot various deer, pigs, goats and even sum tahr and chamios!

    Then the time came for my yr to end, so i sold the rifle and came home!

    So first thing i did was to apply for my 308 on my UK ticket so that i could sample the stalking ova here!
    Ticket arrived bak after 5 months!!!(cheshire police night mare) and im now the very proud owner of a Styer SSG sport, with T8 mod and Leupold 4.5-14x50 scope fitted with harris bi-pod. This set up is extremely accurate and using Winchester supreme 150gr ballistic silvertip im able to shoot under 1/2inch groups@ 100yrds!
    So my first stalking trip took me to scotland and i bagged 3 hinds within a couple of hours! I was very happy with the gun but a little dissappointed in how easy the hunting was. Im used to going out into the mountains for upto a week at a time, glazing and tracking the animals i wanted!

    Such contrast is the hunting here, iv been spoilt!

    So now looking for sum more stalking but thought id ask if anyone here knows where i can find a more challenging place in the U.K?

    Sowi for the rant lol, and cheers for ur time!


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    You've probably chosen to live in the most deer free lump of rural England. There are a few munties around in the Dane valley and a few more close to the Welsh border. There are also some good reds around Macclesfield and the Derbyshire border but otherwise not much. I don't think it will be long before the roe get in from Lancashire so it will get better.

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    cheshire suxs i no lol

    where bouts r these reds in mac? who wud i need to speak to?

    cheers paul

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    sent pm to you paul

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