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Thread: 25-06 Sako 75 Stainless synthetic/ASE mod/rings

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    25-06 Sako 75 Stainless synthetic/ASE mod/rings

    For sale is my Sako 75 stainless synthetic with ASE Utra .25 calibre moderator and 30mm rings.

    The rifle is in good condition throughout but has a couple of small scratches on the stock (hardly worth mentioning). It shoots genuine 1" groups all day with factory ammo. If you reload I'll even throw in all the brass I have kicking about (once fired factory).

    Round count 400 to an absolute max of 500 but is but definitely no more than that.

    Looking for 900 incl RFD my end for the lot and not looking to split (unless the rifle goes first).

    If genuinely interested PM me an email address and I can send pics from my phone as the PC is dead and I wouldn't even try to upload by photo bucket as it is beyond my patience threshold!

    If local, viewing and testing can be arranged, only if you actually intend to but it that is !

    The reason for sale is I want a new scope for my Finnlight and would prefer not to put it on the dreaded credit card as the wife thinks everything costs a couple of hundred quid and I'd quite like to keep it that way !!

    I think the rifle and included ancillaries are fairly priced when you break them down and am not looking to budge in price - if it doesn't go I'll keep it (this will hopefully keep the crayons in the box)............

    Thanks for looking.

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    In response to a couple of questions, if separated the money I am looking for is

    Rifle 725 Ono + 15 to your RFD
    ASE Mod 125 Ono + 15 to your RFD *
    Rings/based 50 + p&p *

    Or 850 for the lot to save me mucking about.

    *note I will not sell the mod or rings till the rifle is sold*

    Cheers Mick

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    Still for sale - may swap for a sako 75 22-250 in similar condition.
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    Providionally sold to JJaeban pending the usual.

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    What thread is the mod ?

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    Sold complete to Feugh off this site who is an absolute gent to deal with.

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