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Thread: Stavs H4H auction lot 9

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    Stavs H4H auction lot 9

    I have always donated to the H4H charity auctions on this site and others donating hundreds of pounds for some great lots and meeting good people.But this time I bid on lot 9 of stavs auction 150 and won a days game shooting offered by fraserd which I thought would be another great day but after three weeks of trying to get hold of fraserd no reply I contact stav who try's to contact him no reply . Stav says he will pay back the money out of his own pocket I pm him back to say I would be happy with just 50% back now I get no reply from stav .So from now on I will not be supporting any more of these auctions on this site.

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    I do hope there's a good explanation for this as there is a lot of good work done and support for H4H on here!! Be a shame to hear of Stav being let down as well as you mate. Pity I don't have any shooting I can offer you myself instead!
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    I see fraserd was last on the site on the 10th october so could be just away on a fortnights holiday so i shouldn't panic just quite yet.
    hope it all works out for you

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    Also stav hasn't been on since the 14th. Even though it really isn't nothing to do with him as he was just trying to raise money for charity I'm sure he wouldn't be ignoring you.

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    I started to pm fraserd on the 1/10/13 at least the charity H4H have there money

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    Given the game season has only just begun I wouldn't give up on it yet , many shoots don't really get going till November so there is plenty of time .

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    I`m sure there`s a good reason for the lack of contact Martyn.
    Fund raising is taken seriously on the SD so please don`t give up yet.
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    o dear i hope he is just on hols etc or that is a very very poor show

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    hi all,
    just spoken with martyn too try and resolve this matter, if anyone has a contact number for fraserd could you please pm it me or ask him too get in touch with myself or martyn.
    there were 3 other prizers that where not won and once I,ve contacted the people who offered then too make sure they are still ok to give these prizes I,ll do them as one lot, those that have had ago will be in the draw already.
    sorry I,ve not done this earlier but been really busy with work and a custody battle over my son(which I,ve just won)
    now we don't want this turning into a slagging match with anyone as hopefully there a good reason for this but just too clear my name I did responed to martyn52 about the offer of a refund.
    cheers stav

    13-10-2013, 11:11 stav

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    Re: Re lot 9

    ey up martyn, not a problem with refund if he dunt respond, just looked on his profile and he's not been on sd since 08.10.13 so he will not have seen my pm,

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    Thanks for the call stav let's hope fraserd has got a pair big enough to get in touch.


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