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Thread: Hard work starting to pay off!

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    Hard work starting to pay off!

    So as some of you may have read I have been trying to bring my land along, its very overgrown. Well a few weeks back I opened up some canopy after a day of chain saw work with a mate. Have been doing a bit of feeding and had the game camera out.

    This week I put my first high seat up, its about 40 yards back from this small opening I made with a game camera overlooking the opening , up until now I have only seen does, fawns and prickets.

    Got quite a few other shots but this was the best one for me , just got to find a day that I'm free from work and college now and get n sit in the seat for a few hours

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    Very well done. Nice little group there.

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    Nice one mate i love picking up the trail cam and flicking through to see what is about!
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