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Thread: What Rifle?

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    What Rifle?

    Hi guys

    Im after a recomendation as to what rifle to get once my Fac is approved.

    Id like to get a .243, to use for range work and also stalking,

    so dont want anything that can be shot out quick.


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    Now that's a can of worms. Tikka T3 Varmint's my choice based on price, reliablilty and overall performance

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    T3's are very good, caliber choice is a totally different issue.......

    If you get 30 replies on here, 25 will be different.

    Look through the Rifle and Caliber section, there is more info on there. Both good and bad for all Caliber/Cartridge choice.


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    Depends largely on what your budget is.

    If you want to buy a factory rifle without going down the custom route then I would recommend a Sako 75 or 85 in stainless synthetic.

    T3 is a nice rifle but, if you want a 243 then you might as well go for a dedicated short action,T3's are all one action length.

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    If you want range use why not go for a .308? There's much more factory FMJ ammo around for them and it will more than likely be a lot cheaper.

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    i probably would go for .308, but i cant see my FLO granting one as my first rifle, but who knows

    That why i said .243 as im more likely to get it

    any advice on what to put down on my application would be good, like good reasons etc

    Im joining a range club to help the app, as well as doing my dsc

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    I don't see why there'd be an issue with a .308, especially as you want it for range work as well as stalking. I'd give it a try.


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    i have had a Rem SPS and i now own a Sako 85 Varmint in 243 , the Rem SPS was a good little rifle for fox and deer but the Sako is outstanding and superior in build quality ,accuracy,looks and feel .

    its easy trying to spend other peoples money....neil

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    Quote Originally Posted by goldypurple
    i probably would go for .308, but i cant see my FLO granting one as my first rifle, but who knows
    Why not?

    'Deer stalking' is good enough reason for any calibre that is legal for the major species in this country. It's you, not the FLO, who should decide what calibre you want - provided you can justify it.

    Check out the 'Legal Issues' section of the forum and download a copy of the Home Office Guidance to Police - you can download a .pdf copy from the stickie at the head of that section - plus some of the BASC advice files from their website. My advice would be to get your good reason and justification sorted out before you enter your FAC application or meet with the FEO. Some have a grasp of the practical application of the Firearms Acts but others seem intent on putting their own interpretation on the law, so you need to be up to speed on what you can and can't expect from them.

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    I have been advised to go for a 308 savage rather than a 270. Similar impact, cheaper ammo. Savage have great barrels for their price and a superb trigger as standard and thats from a gunsmith, Jim

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