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    Hey folks,
    I'm Dave Null... I am American (South East Ohio) but have been in Germany 23 years. Hunted back home as long as I can remember but it was puton the back burner when I came over here. Time and locations all came together this past spring and I was able to take the classes/tests to get a German license. Hunting in Europe is a bit different than when I left home so there is going to be ???'s along the way. A little easier to get answers here because of the language barrier and some of the stiff necked attitudes.... Anyway, game I am interested in is roe deer and wild boar... Maybe an occassional hare, fox, or badger if they are too thick..... Not a big fan of just shooting something because I can.... Looking forward to tips and advice and hope I can give something back. Was actually googling for some info when I found this forum so will slip on over to that section and start asking.

    Take Care,


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    Hello Dave,

    Welcome to this site, I'm pleased you have been granted the German hunting licence, I am sure doors will open for you. You will gain knowledge and help from this forum and I also believe we have a few members from Germany.
    I must point out that we do not shoot badgers under any circumstances here, they are protected and only very occasionally will our Government permit a special licence to cull these animals in strict controlled circumstances to help control certain deceases that may affect farm livestock in certain area's.

    Good luck with your hunting.

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    Welcome to the site,

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