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Thread: Short Notice - Chinese Water Deer Cull

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    Short Notice - Chinese Water Deer Cull


    Folks, we are up near Woburn for our final shoot on Chinese Water Deer! We have had a cancellation at short notcie

    Hunt is planned for this Tuesday, and we have a place still available. We will then be spending the Wednesday chasing Fallow & Muntjac on some really productive land

    One days stalking and shooting from high seats (2x outings) 140.

    All does + Juvenile Bucks (to one cm exposed tusk length) 50

    All Bucks (including ANY medal quality to CIC GOLD) 250

    There is local Travelodge accommodation three minutes from the grounds, at a cost of @50 nightly for those having to travel. Obviously, this can be shared to reduce expenditure!

    If this takes your fancy, then do let me know soonest. T

    The grounds consist of newly planted woodland (pole stage & thicket) surrounded by arable fields. Result is the deer use the farm as a habour area - moving out onto arable to feed. We only visit this site a couple times each year - and have consistently taken good medal and representative bucks.

    Should you have any queries, please do get in touch and we can discuss.

    Best Wishes,

    Ian & Jo

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    You have PM.


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    cwd stalking

    hi ian you have pm

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    You have PM.

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    Last minute availability due to bereavement - first post edited to show that we have ONE place left on the Sunday.

    Please PM if you are interested in joining us. The weather is going to be great!



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    We are once more chasing Chinese Water Deer near Woburn, and have one place still available.

    See the lead post for full details, and do get in touch if you would like to join us.

    Best wishes,

    Ian & Jo

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