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Thread: New owner for Bushnell

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    New owner for Bushnell

    From the press release :

    "Alliant Techsystems Inc, the world’s largest ammunitions maker, will buy gun accessories company Bushnell Group Holdings Inc for $985 million as it shifts focus to a fast-growing shooting sports business from a spending-constrained defense industry.

    Alliant, spun off from Honeywell International in 1990 and commonly known as ATK, said it would integrate Bushnell into its sporting group business, which makes products such as sporting rifles, holsters and harnesses.

    Bushnell, owned by private equity firm MidOcean Partners since 2007, makes binoculars, riflescopes and night vision equipment for sports such as shooting, hunting and fishing.
    Bushnell is best known for affordable mid-range rifle scopes, spotting scopes, and binoculars, but is also known for laser range finders, GPSs, night vision, and trial cameras.

    The company should integrate nicely with existing ATK sporting brands, including the Buck Commander, Duck Commander, Blachhawk!, RCBS, Federal Premium, and Savage Arms lines."

    Should be some interesting developements for the many of us that use Bushnell optics.

    Don't ATK own Weaver ?


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    lets hope the get the optics sorted out.

    after all, i don't think you get what you pay for from them just now.

    not rated in my books, but may interest 90% of the us shooting market.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bobjs View Post
    i don't think you get what you pay for from them just now. bob.
    Pricewise, if bought in the UK, agreed, and if you've bought a fake off ebay or Amazon then agreed too.

    Their bog standard specs sell all day long in the most demanding retail market in the world and very many shooters in the UK use them. S

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    I've got a pair of Bushnell binos and they're fine. I thought they were a mid-range type of manufacturer, not as good as the European top brands, but then again not the same price. I don't think there's much wrong with their kit from what I've seen.

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    Bob the yanks are going mad for the tactical line of HDMR bushnell scopes. They are highly regarded by George Gardener of GA precision. He developed a lovely reticle for them.
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    Please remember that a lot of US "Hunters" are not very well informed on quality optics and many only fire a few shots a year. Some may box of ammo every decade.

    Had someone proudly show me his Bushnell scope on my trip to the US in 2003 and the optics were all blurred and fuzzy. I allowed him to look through the scope on mine and he went all quiet. Then showed him the 30-40 years old Hensodlt scope my buddy had brougth along for me which I had purchased off E-bay and the vendor would only ship with in the US. That Hensoldt scope was miles clearer than his fairly new Bushnell variable.

    The Bushnell was fitted to his 30-06 Savage rifle and what I found strange was the quality of the Savage rifles finish as it was far superior to nay that i had seen here in the UK. The backing was even and nicely polished and the stock had some wonderful figure with fleur de lyss chequering. Seems the export ones are those not fit for the US market.

    He was one of these that bought a box of factory ammo but at least he did check his zero. A meat hunter who filled his tags then went home. If I can get hold of Steven I'll ask if this guy every replaced that scope. However what with the moving we lost contact but will try.

    One only has to read some of the US hunting forums to realise the huge difference in the way they see optics.

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    Butler Creek covers from what i remember are also supplied by Bushnell, so perhaps the new company will sort out the recent poor quality covers?

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    There is bound to be some rationalisation as ATK have or had the scope brand Nitrex (sold through their subsidiary Weaver), and Bushnell own both Tasco and Simmons Optics. S

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