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Thread: deer night vision

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    deer night vision

    Been out lamping bunnies and bumping into a lot of roe the last week or so.

    They generally seem very unconcerned by my presence, and often completely ignore the lamp, even if I hold it on them for minutes at a time. This in areas where the mereset hint of a person sends them bolting in daylight.

    Does anyone have any idea what their night vision is like? And why they seem quite so unconcerned?

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    Obviously no FC ground around your way Hence they don't need to make haste .

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    Can't answer you question on what their night vision is like but had a similar situation a few summers ago. Out foxing one night and spotted a lovely 6 pointer Roe Buck about 50m over the hedge from my ground. We had the lamp on him for a good 5 minutes and he wasn't bothered at all by us, he just carried on eat. Sadly the neighbouring farm stuck some sheep on the field he was in a couple of days later and we never saw the buck again.

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