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Thread: 17 Remington brass

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    17 Remington brass

    Hi, drop me a PM if you have any that you wish to sell. Ideally new brass but will accept once fired if that's all that's about. Thanks

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    Have you tried Wilson and Wilson Fieldsports in Ramsgate?

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    Quote Originally Posted by srvet View Post
    Have you tried Wilson and Wilson Fieldsports in Ramsgate?
    no mate, ill drop them a line cheers

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    Resize 204 Ruger brass, works very well. You can resize .223 without problem but some whine about the 0.030" or thereabouts shorter neck.
    New 17 Rem brass is like rocking horse poo... Nosler (Norma) brass not around yet and expect that to be expensive!

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    Did you ever find any 17 rem brass as I take it you haven't got any?
    I apologize now if I'm wrong.

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    i have some home loaded 17 remington rounds here. with brand new brass. anyone who lives close is welcome to them. you can just pull heads and use the brass if you want
    ​i know longer have rifle anymore just slot.

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