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Thread: Sub sonic load for 308?

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    Sub sonic load for 308?

    Hi, just wondering if anyone knows whether anyone sells subsonic 308 rounds off the shelf? or perhaps someone knows a load?

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    Try DMC and ask their advice as they possibly can supply what you require.
    or David on 07775 661708 .

    [ got this info off Google ! I have spoken to him so mention Stalking Directory for reference. ]


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    These guys sell it in the States. Very high reviews.

    TTI Armory
    14884 S. Heritagecrest Way, Suite A
    Salt Lake City, UT 84065
    Fax: 801-545-0176

    Black Hills Shooters Supply also markets a factory load. You can google them...~Muir

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    I also found this on one of the US reloading sites. No guarantees!

    "Try 6.7 grs. of Bullseye and a 150-gr. RNSP (.30-30 bullet). You may want to bump the charge up 0.2 grs. to make sure the bullet exits the barrel, but this load gives me 1035 fps and 2.5 - 3" groups at 100 yards. I used large pistol primers, but large rifle primers should be OK. A chronograph is a BIG help when loading subsonic rounds."

    Midway USA carried Lapua 200 grain Sub Sonic rounds but I wonder what twist you need. Surely a 1-10 would be inadequate. I did quite a bit of experimentation with 30 Whisper and shot 220 grain bullets at 1040 fps but that used a 1-8" twist. The loads were stable to 200M.


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    Try this site for info about subsonic loads. Its a big site and lots of info and a bit untidy so you have to sift through a bit to get all the info.but lots of interesting info there. I believe the writers their know their stuff! Be warned take much more care with sub sonic loads than other hand loads and don't forget to lubricate.

    The cat's sneezes are fun and very cheap!

    Have fun


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    I think Sako do a subsonic round...think ive seen it on the ballistic chart on their website.

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    Lapua subsonic ball is definitely available over here. The importers are RUAG I think but most shops should be able to order some up. Sporting Supplies (AI dealers) stock it.

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    You need to be careful not to confuse subsonic ammo intended for military purposes and that produced as despatching rounds for short range "coup de grace". Also you don't say what you intend to use this ammo for, don't forget minimum muzzle energy / velocity limits for deer depending where you are.

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    cheers guys

    No particular reason for wanting just wondering how it wud perform? If i get into reloading jus another area to experiment in!

    thanks for the info all!


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    Bruce Potts wrote an article on this subject for Shooting Sports a couple of years ago. He developed a deer legal load for a .308 which was sub sonic. May be able to dig it out if you are interested.


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