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Thread: Teckels. Are they hunters or trackers?

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    Teckels. Are they hunters or trackers?

    Last year about this time I bought a Teckel. To be honest it has not been everything I had hoped for. Whilst I know he will follow a reasonably fresh line, older lines are proving more difficult.
    He is definitely a hunter and gives tongue when on a fresh track. Just the other day he went tracking my bosses Peacock. And yes he really did follow its line ( didn't know Peacocks had scent glands on there feet )
    I reckon he'd make a great driven boar dog.
    So my question to other Teckel owners is are they really hunters or trackers?
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    To be honest I've never tried mine on an older track but like yours she certainly is very good at picking up a newish scent and pursuing it with great enthusiasm and noise! Have you ever looked at They breed Teckels which are much sought after by hunting folk in the USA it seems and have great accounts of tracks performed by these little dogs, most of which are days old - the tracks that is not the dogs Certainly theirs seem to be trackers.

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    My dogs will track and hunt. Primarily I use them for hunting. If there is a deer hiding in the woods and they are down wind they will follow in a put it out of its bed. If they see a wallaby they will chase it. If there is a wounded rabbit, hare or fox they will run it down and kill it or hold it. They will bail up wounded deer and bark until I can get there. I wouldn't classify them as great on older scents but they are only used for for me on most game that is within shotgun range. Longer rifle shots out of my drilling they have tracked down the deer and will run to where the shot was.

    Recently the older one who is quite scared of confined spaces has started digging out rabbits gone to ground. Not deep enough to get them though.

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    Just to add, a hound hunting mate uses the dachshunds to test the fresh marks and if the dachshund starts on them then they release the beagles as they are know they are on very fresh marks.

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    The teckel is a badger dog and would follow the said animal to ground and hold him at bay until someone came to dispatch so while his name suggests he is a full tracking hound they are in fact something of an oddity i would say they are a cross between a terrier and a hound. They are not tracking dog they are fresh scent hunting dogs.


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    I may be wrong here but i actually think teckels were badger drawing dogs rather than digging dogs, which was actually a seperate sport back from the digging in the old old days, think u would put ur normal terriers down first and dig down then shout them off and put in the teckel type which would either attempt to pull/ draw the broc out or be dragged out by owner.
    Think well well back some pubs had artifical short sets where they would put a previously caught broc and then put different dogs in to 'draw it' and judged or timed to get a winner, no doubt for betting back in the day

    Also think they are now used to move deer esp roe on continent, as they tend to move off bed and then circle back into the same area.
    I'm sure i've read jagare talking about his dogs doing it before on here

    Some poeple do use them to track older scents. I'm no expert and u would probably be better pm'ing some of the boys who are. But depending on how u have trained it so far, if using blood possibly step the blood up a bit to make it a bit easier intially on an older trail and when dog is getting its head round it/ more confident cut the blood down again, then when u next up the time increase the blood again and decrease when dog is again more confident.
    There usually pig headed stubborn little buggers which should make them ideal for tracking mibee it just needs a bit of confidence or reassurance/praise when it has its nose down on the line u want and a growl/correction when it starts to free hunt
    But like i say there are plenty more experienced and knowledgable on here who may have a better idea.

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    Was waiting for Wolfy to come in on this one. But forgot hes a one trick pony.I am sure Teyhan you will get what you want out of him if you work at it.

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    David, George has got bigger fish to fry just at the moment without risings to your fly.
    Glynn try working your little hound on some live tracks or make things more interesting durring your training run's, he has probably got board, the golden rule on all training is keep it interesting and aways end on a high.

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    Seeing more and more German imports or first generation litters at the shows.ALL track hot or cold scents will also hunt like the devil if given a chance.

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