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Thread: Is pig sticking legal in the uk?

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    Is pig sticking legal in the uk?

    Just wondering if anyones eva been pig sticking? Didi it in New zealand and now home wondered if any ones heard bout any here?
    cheers James

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    Just googled it and found this:
    It would appear that it was a favourite pastime of Lord Baden Powell! Better than 'sticking' cubs and scouts I suppose?
    It appears to been more of a British pastime in India? Seeing as Boar have been effectively 'missing' from the UK during this time (or the last 300 years or so) I would assume it was never practised here. If that is the case, it has probably never made illegal and must therefore be legal!
    I'd love to see the reaction from the hunting antis if such an event was organised and they couldn't legally stop it! I'm not saying I would support it either though as it does look a bit barbaric. I'd rather shoot them personally 8)

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    I have done quite a bit out in Australia. Very effective way to catch pigs as they can be hard to see and shoot in undergrowth

    Here i would imagine that you would fall foul of the hunting with dogs act rather than a specific law regarding using a knife. People routinely use a knife to administer the coup de grace on deer.

    I think (dont quote me on this) that you can only use dogs, 2 or less, to flush animals to be shot as quickly as possible by a 'competant' marksman.

    You might be ok to use bailing dogs and than shoot the bailed pig?

    If it was legal and there were pigs near me i would definately be importing some dogs from my mate in Aus


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    A german Berufsjäger was filmed "might be on youtube?" he dug a shallow pit next to a bait and covered himself with a cloth to minimise scent plus covered the whole shebang with twigs and waited there with a Saufeder (translates as a pig spring) but is actually a short spear.
    It was an effective method but he lost his Jagdschein over it.

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    'pigsticking' here as a form of hunting where dogs corner the beast an you go in for the kill would be illegal on two fronts. Firstly the hunting with dogs laws currently apply and also the general wildlife and countryside act in terms of cruelty and using the knife on a wild animal.

    Despatching a wounded animal to prevent distress on the otherhand is a different matter.

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    These legislators are real spoilsports

    I would pay good money to see Wayne running round a field waving his knife at the porkers on a full moon

    The residents of Hertfordshire would that the Werewolf had risen again

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    Quote Originally Posted by legaleagle69
    The residents of Hertfordshire would that the Werewolf had risen again
    "Hertfordshire"? If you come over for the next social you wont be in the right county. As for Werewolves rising again they pop up over here all the time. It's so frequent that if you are in the right post code they are automatically put on your ticket by West Mercia. [/i]

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    Pig Sticking In France

    Ref pig sticking

    If you really want to do this i can arrange it on a private estate in the south of France.

    Its good for sorting the men from the boys and really does make your adrenalin run, but not for the faint hearted.

    It the traditional way of hunting boar and the boar does have a good chance of getting even !

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    Point of order

    I believe there is a certain amount of confussion in this thread
    Baden Powell was into pigsticking, this is from horse back, a mounted guy with a pig sticking spear rides like hell after the pig and trys to stick it from horse back
    Refer to the khadir cup in india also i think polo was invented as training for this sport.
    The other pig sticking is using a pack of hounds or a few "big dogs" to bay the boar while the young tyro jumps in to stick it.
    If any one would care to invite me along I will give it a try.
    Hope this helps

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    Quite right. Pig sticking was a pastime of the Army officers stationed in India in the 18th and 19th centuries and was essentially the spearing of wild pigs from horseback and I'm not sure that any dogs were involved.

    Hunting certain species of mammals with dogs in currently banned in this country other than using up to two dogs to flush animals in order to be shot by marksmen. Contrary to common perception not all hunting is banned, it's still OK to hunt rats and rabbits with a pack of hounds should you want to.

    I'm not sure of the exact the wording of the law by I think it protects all mammal species and then provides for exceptions like rabbits in which case hunting boar with more than two dogs would not be legal.

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