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Thread: reloading series what's your thoughts?

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    reloading series what's your thoughts?

    OK, so im thinking of going down the reloading route, i appreciate this may be a long winded series from you tube with 6 parts (just to clarify this series is nothing to do with me i just found it very informative)

    do you think it is a good starting point?

    thanks in advance,


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    I saw these a while ago. I liked them and they do give you a good idea of the process but I would suggest getting a reloading manual and reading that as a primary source. If I recall, he does miss stuff out that I do and I don't do some stuff he does. If you start off with a manual you will see this straight away and can decide yourself what you wish to include in your process.
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    I can't actually see the video due to a block on you tube on the net I am on just now, but if you want a cheap start to reloading I would highly recommend the Lee rifle loader route, I had all the press etc and got rid of it and now have the Lee loader, it is very simple and you can buy the following kit which is all you need at around -

    Lee loader £30
    Mallet £6
    Vernier Caliper £10
    Electronic scales £10
    Lee chamfer tool £8
    Lee case trimmer £7

    bullets - around £25 for 100
    Primers - around £4 for 100
    Powder - Around £50 for a 1lb tub

    Brass - you can probably get this through a friend or from your previously used factory rounds.

    Load data - most can be found on the net and there are plenty of video's/articles out there, a reloading manula is handy but not essential.

    So about £150 for all you need to create well over 100 rounds (the powder will last a lot more than that)

    I notice you are in the highlands, I am around aberdeenshire so if you want a demo/trial run with a Lee loader let me know and we could arrange to do this.

    Hope this helps.


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