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Thread: Eating fox and other roadkill....

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    Eating fox and other roadkill....

    The cooking section on "This morning" will be discussing eating foxes (and other roadkill).

    I have never even considered eating fox before, so it might be worth watching later on the ITV player.

    Anyone else ever eaten fox?

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    Never tried it myself and I am led to believe that they really are not pleasant to eat, come to that they even stink when you try to skin them!
    I personally would not even considder eating "road kill" anyhow!
    I know I'm getting a bit long in the tooth but I do still have teeth, and if I loose them I will put my food through a liquidiser rather than relying on motors to mash it up for me!

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    Clausen loves a nice bit of fox head:

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    Oddly enough I read a post from someone on one of the shooting forums over here recently where he had tried fox. It seems that it helps if remove all the fat and marinade the meat in buttermilk for 24 hours before cooking.

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    I took my mate out foxing one night , shot one , he said what a lovely animal , can i get it mounted , aye no prob , collected it next day frm his house , back leg missing , you guessed it ! It apparently was like beef but a bit stringy ,

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    I think a safe rule of thumb would be that anything with strong scent glands is best avoided.

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    i can confirm that fox is truly terrible as is badger when we were younger and frenetic about shooting we tried nearly everything we shot (brock was road kill) fox tastes the same as it smells when you are skinning it, badger is just absolutely the worst thing i have ever put in my mouth
    a barony original

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    Anyone tried beaver?

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    This has been done a few times iirc was a guy a few years back cooked a road kill meal for a pub....The enviromental health condemed pretty much everything he had on table to cook so they ended up eating pheasants

    Cant say Id ever try it...but then I dont eat squirrels either...I go in a lot of squirrel infested lofts with my job and frankly anything that smells that bad it off the menu

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    I did try hedgehog once.
    Let's say it will be the first and last time.
    No way in the world would I eat something off the side of the road.

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