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Thread: Swazi Wapiti Jacket draw - it's for free

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    Swazi Wapiti Jacket draw - it's for free

    Thanks to the generosity of our friends at Swazi we have in our possession to give away to one lucky winner a Wapiti jacket, it is tussock green in colour and the size is Large. To see full details of the jacket and the size please look it up yourself on their website. They do have a banner advert so just click on that and you will find out all the relevant information.

    This is a free draw that is open to all SD members who have at least 30 posts at the time of the draw that is 30 proper posts and not the "hello" variety, transgressors will be disqualified. The draw will be made on December 10th, this will allow time for the lucky winner to receive it for Christmas, we are caring really

    So if you want a nice Christmas present from our friends at Swazi all you have to do is indicate it in a reply to this post, all that is require of you is the correct amount of posts, the coat will fit and you provide a bit of a write up of how you and it get on through the winter.

    From your caring sharing Admin
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    Never refuse a Free Issue! Well done SD!

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    Count me in! I could definitely find a good home for this.

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    December 10 Draw? Just in time to help celebrate the passing of another year, let alone Christmas! Please add me to the draw - thank you.
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    count me in please I need a new coat

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    Count me in please , very kind offer

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    yes please many thanks

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    I'm up for giving it a damn good thrashing please.



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    Yes please could do with a new coat.

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