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Thread: DSC1 accreditation

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    DSC1 accreditation

    Could anyone explain the significance of accreditation for DSC courses? I have signed up to do my DSC 1 with Jelen in December and am thoroughly looking forward to it, they recently posted that they had become "BASC accredited".

    Last night I spoke with someone who knew someone (!) who had taken their DSC 1, unsure who with. He said that the person had no end of trouble as the trainer was not "accredited", he seemed to be implying that after taking the course and the exams his friend did not have a 'proper' qualification. Obviously this is third hand, so I am dubious about the validity of his claims. Is this really something that people looking to take their DSC 1 should be concerned about?

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    All legitimate DSC certificates are issued by DMQ. There is no official DMQ accreditation for training, but they are a charity, with a board that has representatives of the main shooting groups on it. It is run out of BASC in Wrexham, but is a separate entity. BASC have chosen to use their position to provide a quality standard for training and this can only be a good thing. How you measure this in comparison to another accreditation or an un accredited trainer is not an easy question - I would say the viability of the course is a good indication of the quality as the market is competitive.

    If you have a DMQ issued certificate, you have a legitimate qualification. Numbers can be verified with Mary at Wrexham should there be any doubt.
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    As I understand it the accreditation to BASC means that Jelen have attained a standard set by BASC and have become a BASC recommended training provider.
    In terms of the course Jelen offer, it is very good, but, very intensive- and you NEED to home study plus using the web facility and completing the test papers they send you is important .

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    A good number of years ago, before DMQ existed in its current form, there were a couple of courses being run to compete with the National Stalkers Competence Certificate. I suspect that your friend went on one of these.

    In due course the NSCC could be converted to a DSC1 simply by paying a small (10/15?) admin fee. The same happened before that when the Woodland Stalkers Competence Certificate became the NSCC. It was very well publicised but many people didn't bother to convert/update so later had to retake DSC1 if they felt they needed it. Some are still whinging about it to this day!

    Only the NSCC could be converted/updated to DSC1, no other courses to the best of my knowledge.

    Now, unless there really is someone out there looking to scam people, all courses that say DSC1 will be the same, genuine qualification. If in any doubt simply ring DMQ for clarification and peace of mind.

    Although the DSC1 Qualification is the same across the board, the quantity/quality/style/duration of instruction will vary. Do some reseach and pick a course that suits you.

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    The BASC are one of several DMQ assessment centers. We have made the decision that only those accredited trainers are able to access assessment through our center. We are not saying that our training is better than any other assessment center, but what we are saying is that they are quality assured to a high standard.
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    Thanks for all the helpful replies. So to summarise, any DSC 1 course should get you the DMQ certificate (provided you do your bit). Accreditation just provides some comfort that the course/assessment is to a certain standard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wiltshire Lad View Post
    Thanks for all the helpful replies. So to summarise, any DSC 1 course should get you the DMQ certificate (provided you do your bit). Accreditation just provides some comfort that the course/assessment is to a certain standard.
    Yes, but..... The fact that it is a DMQ DSC1 course/qualification is really all you need to ensure that it is at the required standard as they have a robust system of Assessors and Internal Verifiers.

    The BASC Acreditation for the Training is in addition to this and only means that the training is up to their standards which may be higher or lower than the next persons. Not being pedantic (and certainly no knocking BASC training as I am an Approved Trainer myself in one area) but it is important to understand that a BASC DSC1 is not at some higher level than a 'Joe Bloggs and Co' DSC1. If the BASC Accreditation element gives you greater confidence in the training provider then fair enough but I would suggest you would be equally assured of good training from BDS or many of the independent providers.

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    the important information guys is that the highest pass rates for dsc1 courses come from Barony and North Highland college..... well it's obvious if you think about it because both assessment centres are dedicated further education organisations using professional teachers and lecturers specifically trained to educate adults and young people of all learning abilities.

    BASC has coined the term 'accredited' but it means nothing more than 'branded' in fairness. A big question is how much dosh swings BASC's way after a trainer becomes accredited and is under their wing? That's a good question but a better question is what training is provided for trainers to achieve this mystic accredited status?! or what professionally recognised standards are involved in the process!! Is there training, development and standardisation?

    I would like to know as a person who specifically trained to teach young people and adults including those with reading and writing difficulties.

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    Meant in a constructive manner

    How would you know you have the highest pass rates?

    The BASC trainers have to meet all the requirements set down in our Technical Quality Assurance manual. They will need to meet all the criteria and provide evidence that they have done so. They are also evaluated on every course they deliver and visited periodically as part of the quality assurance process.

    Well i've studied and worked at four Universities, some of the lecturers are good, some are not so good. The lecturers in most instances tend to be researchers who have to take on lecturing responsibilities as part of their contract of employment at the university. They are not necessarily trained teachers as you would find in a school.

    I fully understand that this may be different at your college

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