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Thread: 6.5x55 brass, bullets, dies ect

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    6.5x55 brass, bullets, dies ect

    6.5 stuff seems thin on the ground at the moment. If you have anything at a reasonable price please PM me.

    My preference is,

    Brass - Lapua, Norma or sako

    Bullets - between 130 and 150, soft point but might try the ballistic tip variants

    Dies - Redding but might try Lee for a change

    also need a lee case length gauge and cutter with case holder

    Viht n160


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    I have in the 'spares'. kept but never used , was thinking on another 6.5 but 308 took over !!

    2 boxes 100 sierra 120gr hpbt
    1 box 100 sierra 139gr hpbt
    unopened tub of vit 160
    100 ppu swede brass

    if interested please contact me.

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    Now need PPU brass! I have worked up a very satisfactory load using it so would be willing to pay the market price for any amount.

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    PPU brass! I have 600 once fired make me a offer!

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