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    what to

    hi guys

    As title really, what to put down on FAC application.

    i.e rifle and uses, good reason etc

    I dont have land, i have my dsc booked in April 2010, im joining a rifle club.

    Im also looking to get my military range quals coverted to civilian quals, with the NRA

    so im not new to fullbore rifles

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    You'll need to demonstrate good reason for deer also if you want them on your cert (and expanding ammo) - a letter granting permission or evidence of bookings for stalking is the normal way.

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    As 75 says, if you don't have and then you need evidence of your intent to use the rifle for deer - previously taken bought days (using an estate rifle), and evidence of future booked stalking (make it far enough in advance so that the time taken for processing your application is taken into account, or it will cease to become 'future' stalking and you'll have to book more days!). Ideally they also like a recommendation from soemone you've been stalking with - along the lines of 'I accompanied Joe Bloggs stalking on x occasions during this year, during which he conducted himself safely and well and proved to be a safe, accurate shot. I would be happy to accompany Joe Bloggs stalking again'

    I don't have land and got my .308 passed on my first FAC on this basis - although I already had the DSC1...

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    Re: what to

    Quote Originally Posted by goldypurple
    hi guys

    Im also looking to get my military range quals coverted to civilian quals, with the NRA

    so im not new to fullbore rifles
    It would be worth putting all of your previous experience with firearms in a covering letter to accompany the application.

    As others have said, proof of some booked outings/DSC course confirmation etc. will give you the 'good reason' to possess any deer legal calibre you wish to own. As you're near Thetford it shouldn't be difficult to book something with Forest Enterprise direct or via the BASC/FE permit scheme at the King's Forest, (you've already had the link for that in one of your other threads), to get the evidence you need.

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    Don't forget what I posted on your other thread, get someone to look over your forms before you put them in, so many peeps have hamstrung themselves using the wrong phrase or term.

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    On finnbear270's last point if you are a member of BASC you can ring their firearms department and ask them to go over the application with you. They tend to know which phrases / terminology amounts of ammunition etc. are acceptable to to the different forces and exactly what your legal rights are. They can also advise you how far you can sensibly negotiate with your local force and when it is sensible to back off.

    I know some people on this site don't like the BASC but I've found them helpful in the past.

    Even if you are not a member you can log unto their website and read or download lots of advice re shotgun/firearms applications and the home office guidance to the police re the same. If there difficulties then being able to quote the relevant bits back to them can remind them that we are good law abiding sportsmen who may know more than them on occasion.

    Lots to study there as there are some 200 odd pages of advice from the home office to the police but take heart it is not necessary to know it all, just those bits that apply to you.

    Good luck with the application.


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    Re: what to

    When you get to the part of the application which deals with each firearm you wish to purchase you could use these lines as an example:

    Calibre: .308
    Type: Rifle (+moderator)
    Reason: Deer Stalking, any other lawful quarry and zeroing.
    Where: On land over which I have lawful authority to shoot and approved ranges.

    By using this form of wording you will be mirroring the latest ACPO FELWG recommended condition that allows the use of a firearm for any 'lawful quarry' once the 'primary' good reason for possession has been satisfied. Hopefully it will lead the FEO into realising you know something about the Firearms Act adminstration and forestall any rubbish about deer calibres not being suitable for fox, vermin etc.

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    On land over which I have lawful authority to shoot and approved ranges

    does that mean, any land that has been certified for that cal use, ie bought days, or any where that i get permission on that has been certified for use, ie my mates farm that he keepers on which he has use of firearms on.

    Its a a shame i cant get permissions of my own all taken up round here.

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    It means exactly what it says - on land over which you have authority (permission) to shoot.

    Don't ferchristsake start writing in your own restrictions or other conditions - the police are quite capable of making those up!

    If they want to restrict you to land which has been inspected and cleared for a certain calibre then they will condition your certificate to reflect that. Have a look at the relevant threads in this section of the forum and you will find out quite a bit about the subject.

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