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Thread: Blaser R93 300 win mag package!

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    Blaser R93 300 win mag package!

    Attachment 33843For sale is my R93 long range package this rifle shoots 4" groups @ 500m with me behind it so potentially could shoot better! I've only tried 178gr Hornady A-max with this rifle and was more than happy with them so didn't bother changing. The load I built up consists of 74.0gr of H4831sc, Federal 215M magnum primers and bullet seated to the max to fit in mag. I chronod these at an average of 2950 fps and using the sako ballistic app on my phone was amazed how easy it was to dial in for different ranges. With mod and Kickstop make it an absolute pussy cat to shoot.
    Ive only fired around 100 rounds through this rifle and have been amazed with its accuracy for
    a " sporter" rifle. Unfortunately I'm just not get the use out of it I was hoping, and have a big Tax bill coming up so it must go

    • R93 Outback chassis plain black synthetic (precision Blaser trigger needs no mention)
    • 25" 300 Winchester magnum sporter barrel screw cut with Wildcat Mod
    • Blaser QD rings and base
    • Zeiss Divari 6-24x56T* scope with twin ballistic turrets illuminated reticle No.63( 5 mm clicks)
    • Blaser Kick-stop tungsten bead recoil reducer
    • Bearcreek comb raiser, sling and 6-9" bipod
    • reloading gear including almost new Redding neck sizing kit, RCBS full length dies,
    • 60 new unfired Winchester brass, 100 once fired and 40 multiple fired Winchester
    • opened box of 178gr Hornady A-Max

    with the simple addition of another scope mount and short range scope this rifle could be used for both long range and short range boar shooting. Will consider breaking up if I can't sell as package.
    Rifle and scope are in good condition with just the usual light signs of wear. Lens of scope are immaculate. ( One of the photos below show the best group I shot with the rifle in 13mph cross wind @ 300 meters after compensating for windage the wrong way! Doh! .85" three shots.)

    Package 2700
    or scope 1300
    rifle with mount and mod 1400
    RFD/ Freight at buyers expense
    Northern Scotland
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    I think this is the rifle I'd been hearing about from glen ? Sounds like a great bit of kit , good luck with the sal .

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    Good lad, go back to a bolt gun.
    Owning a gun or knife and not using it, is akin to not sleeping with your girlfriend to keep her neat and tidy for the next bloke.

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    Would you consider breaking the package down?
    say the barrel,mag and bolt face!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Simjim33 View Post
    Would you consider breaking the package down? say the barrel,mag and bolt face!
    maybe not yet give it a week on the site.

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    this has to be a bargain, pity i do'nt have a space for it on my cert

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    lovely rifle in a great calibre but im looking 243

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    If you do decide to break it down I may be interested in the stock/bolt

    ​ thanks bullet

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