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Thread: Deer Sled

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    Deer Sled

    Thought I would let you see my Deer Sled which has been lying at the back of my mates garage for a good few years

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    Good kit!

    ​Is the tray plastic or alloy?
    "Nonsense! They couldn't hit an elephant at this dista.....................".

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    Its plastic moulded to shape.

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    Looks good drag trays are really efficient in reducing friction,
    ​what are you using to pull it?

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    Looks well thought out and solid.
    Where did the molded plastic tray come from?

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    Its pulled behind a Honda Quad

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    I think the guy who made them bought sheets of the plastic and heated them before moulding.

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    Before I purchased a purpose built sled I used a large plastic drum cut in half length ways. It must be the type with the molded lid, not the screw type.
    Simple drill two holes for the rope to go through one end and then either attach it to your harness or just drag by hand. This simple idea can get you out of a lot of problems especially at last light, when you are on your own and some distance from your vehicle. It costs virtually nothing to make. You could always leave a couple hidden at each end of your wood if you spray them suitable.

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