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Thread: 6.5X57R in single shot rifle.

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    6.5X57R in single shot rifle.

    Having just been pipped to the post in buying a s/h Sauer 90 in 6.5x57, I am considering my options.

    For some strange and irrational reason I'm finding myself drawn to a single shot rifle as a main woodland tool, and the Blaser K95 Stutzen in particular!

    In the past I've taken out numerous continental clients who have had single shot rifles and have tried a few of them - some in quite 'meaty' calibres such as 8x57, 9.3x62 - and always thought of them as very suitable for 'close quarters' woodland stalking.

    6.5x57R would present no problems as I handload but Blaser seem to be in limbo in the UK at the moment - is there a distributor yet?

    Anyone have any thoughts on the type of rifle and/or calibre that I can throw into the mix before committing myself?

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    He has the K95 in stock. Give him a bell, he's a very helpful chap

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    If you talk to Mulliners ask about one of these aswell;

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    Held one at the Newark Show in February. Very nice gun and perfect for Woodland or Alpine stalking.

    Open Seasons will be the importer from next month.


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    [Open Seasons will be the importer from next month.


    Top quality product from the one of the rudest and nasty people I have ever had to cross paths with

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    Maybe I'll investigate the possibility of personal import from Germany then!

    I used to import S.5 tranquillising rifles and other equipment from Denmark and it all came via regular DHL and was sometimes left on the doorstep! I can't imagine that buying from one of the big outlets in Deutschland or Denmark would be that difficult and must work out cheaper to boot.

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    I bought a savage .270 Sierra from a german gunshop in 1999 and all I needed was the correct form from the British FAC authority with the serial number on it and I went over to Germany handed the form over and collected the gun.
    Job done no sweat.

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    Hmmm have you looked at the French Chapuis single shots?

    Oural Clustom Break Open Single Shot Stalking Rifle

    I shot one of their doubles in 8x57JRS and it was beautiful and shot very well indeed with the factory RWS ammo that Jack brought along. How I wish I had bitten the bullet and gotten a loan and brought that rifle

    Of course the other option is to visit Ferlach It's not my money after all

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