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Thread: BSA majestic trigger schematic and adjustments

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    BSA majestic trigger schematic and adjustments

    Gents could someone share a schematic and adjustment instruction for the BSA Majestic bolt action rifle. I have a rifle in 7x57 - med action which doesn't want to allow any adjustment in pull weight. It is currently at about 6 lbs.

    Thanks for your help in advance.


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    Well Joe, I have a 50 year old majestic 5 star in 30.06 calibre and my gunsmith certainly adjusted the trigger. I did watch him but not having a clue myself, he maybe removed the barrel and action from the woodwork and there is a screw on the trigger somewhere which he moved. There will be 100 guys on here who will tell you how to do it so never fear. Help is at hand.
    In the very unlikely circumstance that more learned people do not advise you I'll speak to my man. Be cool.

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    I do have a schematic and a diagram of the trigger assembly. Its in my edition of Bolt Actions of the World. I'll see if I can post it. I bet Brithunter will come up with something before I do lol.

    What part of Canada are you from ?


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    Edmonton area! Small world.

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    No kidding ! If you like you can drop by and borrow the book or bring the rifle and we can adjust it here. I'll PM my phone number and address.


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    You have a Viscount and not a Majestic. The Viscount was the medium action. Majestic is a long action.

    This is the weight of pull adjusting screw. Oh that's a slightly later and cheapened version fitted to a 1st Pattern Monarch.

    The Viscount should have more screws as they are adjustable for weight, length of pull and sear engagement. The trigger can be adjusted to be single of two stage. The screw in the blade is turned counter clockwise to reduce the trigger pull weight. If one examines the unit closely one can see which screw adjusts the sear engagement. So the other in the units body will control the length of pull.

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