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Thread: Aigle Outlast wellies

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    Aigle Outlast wellies

    With the neoprene ISO versions unavailable four months back at my supplier I opted for the more expensive Outlast version - that is lined with the orange coloured phase-change material that's supposed to absorb heat, then give it up as your feet cool.

    They have been quite a disappointment. Not only has the rubber construction of each of my last four pairs of Aigles been thinner than the previous pair, but in the latest the Outlast material doesn't - and I'm sorry about this - last. After just four months of wear once a day for an average of about an hour, the liner has worn through under and around the back of the heel in both boots. You know that feeling when a seed works its way under your foot in a wellie? It feels just like that.

    They are not a rip-roaring success.


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    neoprene wellies

    i wear wellies for all my shooting and stalking and have tried and tested most. i have now settled with the lacrosse alphaburly from bushwear. they seem to be the most comfortable and robust so far


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    Thanks for the recommendation Calvin. I'll dig out my Bushwear catalogue this morning and take a look.


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