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Thread: BSA CF-2 Bolt head schematic / parts

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    BSA CF-2 Bolt head schematic / parts

    Gents - I have a buddy who has a CF-2 in 7mm Rem Mag. Any idea where a person can obtain bolt head parts and a schematic? Thanks a second time.. Joe

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    Thanks. Have an email out to them.

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    The CF2 series came supplied with an instruction leaflet one the back of which was a exploded drawing with part numbers.

    The bolt is a one piece design and forged in one piece. No brazed on bits like other makers. So in the bolt head is only the extractor horse shoe a spring and plunger for the ejector and the small retaining pins.

    As after a book fell down onto my Canon combi scanner/printer and not it refuses to work as it say paper jammed, I cannot scan or copy my leaflet. Otherwise I would.

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    Talk to Erv at western gun parts in Edmonton, he may have some parts. Failing that , try Numrich Corp ( gun parts corporation ) in New York . They have a large inventory of parts and they probably have a schematic. The shipping is a bit pricey, but I've always had good service from them.


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