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Thread: Lost discussion topic

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    Lost discussion topic

    Is it my failing eyesight or do we appear to have lost a discussion topic off the list in this section?

    I'm referring to the one started by ssgpiv ( I thing that was what he called himself) I can't find him on the membership list to make sure.

    Can any one shed some light on the disappearance of topic and member?

    If its been deleted, what have I missed?


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    It was removed earlier in the day, its author has gone too.

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    Yeah my posting about perverts has gone as well. It had loads of views in under an hour. Whats going on?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TMT
    It was removed earlier in the day, its author has gone too.

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    I have just come in from work myself and thought my eyes were deceiving me. It would be interesting to find out what was said in the day.
    Obviously there must have been something said on a personal basis to someone!!!


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    I think its the hand of god, RobMac.
    He just swept him away, goodbye Pivvy or what ever you called yourself

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    Lost discussion topic

    Anyone been out stalking this week? if so what have you seen, where you successful.
    I've noticed a lot more fallow coming back in to our woods this week, they tend to dissapear during the hight of the game shooting season, give it another week and I will try to get out and start knocking some does over.

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    The Roe in my area have taken to the fields.

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    the roe in my area hav all been down the boat yard to see what they can hire
    as for the fallow they don't mind getting their bellies wet they just hate walking through 2 feet of mud , going to hav one last look weekend before i go away

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    With the shooting season drawing to a close i am looking forward to getting back into the woods and seeing whats going on and who is living where.
    Praying no one has or will shoot the fine fallow buck thats living in the area but i know he crosses next door and there keeper is the sort of chap to take out the buck for his lovely head. Hey Ho what can you do!!

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