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Thread: GIANT DEER !

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    WOW !

    Check these mothers out !

    I think I'll have to trade in the .243 for something a little bigger !

    Like...a lot........Lot......LOT........BIGGER ! A .50 BMG maybe ?

    A stalker friend in north Devon has despatched some big boys down there but this boyo definitely takes some beating.

    Anybody out there got opinions !


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    I've seen one!

    Well the skeleton anyway. One of the senior BDS members down here had an extensive private collection of heads ancient and modern.

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    might need a bigger blood tray and maybe a bigger truck


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    I DONT want to shoot one
    i a'nt dragging that bugger out

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    i think they have a skeleton of one in liverpool museum...

    i think i remember seeing it labled as an irish elk

    and if i remember from a school outing they dragged it out of a peat bog!!

    im going to go and have a look and see if ive just made all that up!

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    Looking at the size of the photo's on Pheasant sniper put on his recent post , I think a few of these still exist on Malc's lease !

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    Irish Elk

    They have found these skeletons in Scotland too. A few turn up in peat bogs and are found when peat is extracted for fuel or compost. I think as this activity is now being stopped due to its environmental impact less will be found in future. There are two heads in the tearoom of the wildlife park near Avimore.

    The Irish Elk was not an Elk however but a relative of the Fallow.


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    Two sets of Megaloceros antlers owned by Kenneth Whitehead were sold in 2005 when his vast collection was broken up after being left to Durham University in his will. One lot made 60,000, the other 72,000. That must have bought alot of copies of the Guardian for the common rooms and Jesus boots and beard trimmers for the staff! Apparantly Kenneths relatives gave the sale their blessing as he had said that the University could use the items in any way they saw fit including flogging them. JC

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    Giant Deer

    There is a complete skeleton (possibly two) in Warwick Castle. Very impressive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cookingfat
    might need a bigger blood tray and maybe a bigger truck

    just a stronger roof rack should do it

    see it works

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